MARKO POLO SHIPPING SERVICE (MPSS) is offering following services and support 24 hours a day 7 days a week, especially in Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea:


  • Support in crewing and technical management. C/o Notos is legaly registered crewing and shipping agency.

  • Consulting, ship inspection, prepurchasing inspection and independent surveys

  • World wide trouble-shooting services

  • Preparation of dry dock specification, drydock and repair supervision. Agent for several Croatian, Mediteranian and China shipyards

  • Conversion and newbuilding design / consultancy

  • Conversion, newbuilding and offshore inspection and supervision

  • Evaluation of ships for potential buyers, vessel prepurchasing inspection

  • Brokerage services for cargo, selling / buying ships

  • ISM internal audits by certified person

  • Vessel attendance and various technical support

  • Unexpected, urgent and immediate emergency repair and spare parts supply

  • Brokerage for vessel towing

  • Electrical repairs generator cleaning msb / acb testing

  • Mechanical repairs

  • Machinery special repairs as main engine and aux engine crank pin and journals grinding / polishing in situ, optical checking of engine block and bedplate alignment, inline boring using optical metode (with partnership companies)

  • Hydraulic repair

  • Refrigeration systems – inspection, service and repair

  • Refrigeration systems – fluid conversion from existing to enviromental frendly

  • Ships cranes – services and repair

  •  Propeller repair and quality expertize - Our Partner "Adriatic Propeleri" using Prop Scan® technology insures propeller accuracy and quality because it enables our technicians to tune your propeller to the highest standards, adhering to ISO 484/2 tolerances. We will also be able to accurately measure the pitch on your propellers to within 0.025 mm, which means that your propeller, new or repaired, will be a minimum of ISO 484/2 Class 1 or a Class S pitch tolerance.

  • LSA services, repair and load test. FFE inspection and service

  • Procurement of spare parts and stores worldwide supply, especially urgent demands and delicate matters

  • Machining, automatic and CNC turning, service of clasic milling and drilling services via MPSS contractors

  • Contracting and subcontracting chines companies performing various technical services and spare parts supply at all Chinese ports and worldwide.

  • Partnership with Italian company “Jobson” – “Pedrotec” providing service and spare parts supply in Mediteranian and worldwide

  • Exclusive agent for Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia and partnership with “Matra motor” Istanbul. Matra motor established in istanbul in 1958, ıt ıs one of the three bıggest of ıts kınd ın Europe. It ıs the most modern work-shop havıng the hıghest capacıty ın turkey, black sea and medıterranean. Matra motor provıdes servıces accepted by all class ınstıtutes eıther ın turkey or abroad ın the fıelds of grındıng crankshaft ın sıtu or ın workshop. In line boring of engine block in situ or in workshop recondıtıonıng of lıners, cylınder heads and connectıng rods of all sıze and remetalıng of engıne bearıngs, crosshead bearıngs and sterrn tube bushıngs.

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